Saturday, August 5, 2017

Morro Bay Kite Festival

Last April we took our 4 youngest kids to the Kite Festival in Morro Bay (Spencer and Tyler were at a jazz festival in Santa Cruz that day). We'd heard about it lots before, but this was our first time going. We loved it!! Morro Bay is the perfect place for it because it's always windy next to the rock.

They had free kites for kids to color and fly. That was fun.

They had just rewatched The Last Airbender series, so Brennan drew Appa. 

They were simple little free kites, but they were super easy to fly!

We went to the top of the sand dunes, and I love the pictures I got from there, with the tall grass and  bunches of kites in the background!

We stayed much longer than we expected. We went down to SLO that morning to help one of Dave's coworkers move, and we figured we'd just stop in Morro Bay on the way home. We ended up staying for hours! It was so fun.

They had a bunch of professional kite shows, and they were amazing! There was music playing on a loud speaker, and the kites did all these cool flips and loops in unison. I wonder how they keep the strings from getting all tangled up, becaues they were weaving in and out. 

This was a cool one. The two kites had tons of personality as they danced around each other.. 

Spencer and Tyler were bummed they missed out. We'll have to go again this year!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cub Scouts: Pinewood Derby, Day Camp

This year was Brennan's last Pinewood Derby race. He went with a slab of bacon for his design. 

He won more races than he lost (that's always good) and got 2nd place for the Webelos. It was the same night as Dallin's Open House, so I missed the first half. 

We've been working really hard on passing things off, and he got a ton of awards at the last pack meeting before summer. 

The first week of summer was Cub Scout Day Camp in the field behind our church. I think they had about 120 boys.

Tyler was Brennan's den chief. He had a nice small group, and they were all great kids. The only issue he had was half the boys in his group had food allergies. Brennan fit right in. 

This was Levi's first year at camp, and he loved it! In fact he thought 1 week was just way too short. He came home happy and excited every day!

 I was glad they were able to go together one year. 

I volunteered one day, and it was so fun! I taught the science class about butterflies. I taught a little lesson, they made and ate an edible life cycle, and then we played a game. It was a hot week, and the camp leaders wisely decided to move 3 of the stations inside our church. 

They made walking sticks, airplanes, toothbrush robots, pizza, and mechanical hands. Plus of course the shooting range is always a hit. We love day camp! 

Dave and I left Thursday to go to my nephew's wedding in Utah, so the rest of these pictures were taken by my friend Marilyn. Thank you Marilyn! On Friday evening, the families joined them for the BBQ, skits and awards. I just loved the camp leaders this year! They were so upbeat, friendly, and super nice. They'll be doing it next year, too. Yay!

 It was a great start to the summer!

Thanks for watching out for my family, Keeps!


Spencer went to prom this year; it was his first formal dance. He's never been too interested in going to school dances, and he really didn't like the idea of dancing in a suit. But I told him it was important to girls to be asked, so he invited his friend Katie. 

I was out of town this week (Women's Conference in Utah with my mom and sisters), and Dave was home with a stomach bug, but thankfully my sister Kristen took lots of great pictures.

 I think they had fun together!

 They went with his cousin Braden and 2 friends from church, Phoenix and Kevin.

Beautiful girls! 

 This is a great group of kids.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

End of the school year stuff

The end of school is always extra crazy and busy (all good things, all good things). I'm combining all the craziness into one blog to speed things along.

 The middle and elementary schools had lunch-with-your-kid days, which we enjoyed doing. 

They also had spirit week. This was super hero day. I have a love/hate relationship with spirit week. My kids love dressing up, but it makes our mornings even more hectic as they coordinate and search for just the right accessories. 

Of course the annual Fun Run is always a hit. It's my favorite kind of fundraiser. No silly catalogs.

Levi tied for 1st place for first grade. He never slowed down!

Brennan's grade ran at the end of the day, and it was hot! Chloe was a trooper for spending so much time at the school that day.

The boys were a tad disappointed that they didn't get popsicles this year. I gave them some when we got home.

This was our first year attending the big high school band fundraiser. It's a fancy dinner (prepared by the culinary students), silent auction and jazz concert at Pear Valley Winery. It was one of the best silent auctions I've ever seen, and we bought quite a few things (music lessons, gift certificates, and amusement park tickets).

Spencer and Tyler served appetizers and played in the jazz band.

 My parents went also. That made the evening even more enjoyable!

The food was excellent!!

 The jazz band was wonderful, as always.

 The jazz band also performed at the high school open house. 

They only played a couple of songs for this one.

Then Tyler ran over to serve the pineapple salsa he made for the big salsa competition the Spanish students do every year. It was very good. Any excuse to dress up!

Brennan loves salsa, and he enjoyed sampling them all.

 Chloe goes to open house to pet all the animals from the ag department.

We always really enjoy the band concerts at the end of the year. The middle school band is small but good. This was Dallin's last year with his teacher, Ms. Ware. She's switching to teaching all choir classes while the high school band teacher, Mr. Galvan, is moving over to the middle school. Lots of changes next year!

These two cousins have had a lot of fun together this year (carpool, band, nutrition, lunch, history club, chess club, etc). Dallin will really miss Peter next year when he moves up to high school!

Dave wasn't able to make it to this concert, since he was at his sister's wedding in West Virginia. I recorded Dallin's trumpet solo and sent it to him. He did great!

The high school band concert was awesome too. 

The high school band is also quite small but good. Hopefully it will grow over the new few years, since they've brought music back to the elementary schools. The music program really took a hit with the budget cuts.

These kids will really miss Mr. Galvan! They are eager to meet the new guy at band camp next week.

Good job, boys! Handsome and talented :)

Chloe graduated from preschool this year. This was her last day. She misses it like crazy and can't wait to go to kindergarten in a few weeks.

She looked so cute in her little cap and gown!

 And she knows how to work the camera! 

Brennan and Levi went to her graduation with me (Dave was still out of town) with hopes of getting cookies afterwards. They always serve cookies, but this year they didn't! They were quite disappointed. We ate dinner at Wendy's afterwards to celebrate and made cookies when we got home.

Dallin had so many big projects due at the end of the year. I guess they all did, but Dallin always puts so much effort into each project that it really takes a lot of work and late nights. He managed to get another perfect report card!

His school had a big pool party for everyone who made the Principal's Honor Role. They needed adult chaperones, so I went. I hope to volunteer at the schools more next year, with Chloe in school.

There weren't as many kids there as one would expect. They had a BBQ, music, luau decorations, and sunglasses and leis for everyone. I sat under a tree and visited with another mom the whole time. It was lovely.

Brennan and Levi both had field trips to the beach this year, and Chloe and I went to both of them. Brennan went to Hearst Beach. It was just their class, and it was totally relaxed. What a fun teacher!

We got there late (I had something else going on that day - I can't remember what), but we got to eat lunch with him and play in the sand.

Levi's class went to Avila Beach. They went to the little aquarium, played in the sand, flew kites and played at the park. It was so fun!

Levi was in a Kinder/1st grade combo class this year. I wasn't happy about it at first, but we loved his teacher so much that it all worked out.

After they sang a bunch of songs, his teacher gave everyone in the class a personalized award. Yes, Levi does have a Creative Spirit. She also mentioned his quirky love of potatoes.

We had cookies and lemonade after the awards ceremony. These were Levi's 2 best friends at school this year: Jeremy and Joel.

This was Brennan's first year competing in BOB. He didn't read all the books, but he had fun hanging out with his cousin Eric all day. He is really going to miss him when he moves up to middle school this year. Seriously, he doesn't know who he's going to hang out with at lunch and recess. Time to make some new friends.

And we made it to the last day of school!! The last few weeks are so busy that it's always a huge relief to have to over.  

We were blessed with amazing teachers this year: Ms. Rodriguez and Mrs. Goldbach! 

Spencer and Tyler filled their car with instruments to practice over the summer. The upright bass has been quite popular. A couple more weeks of summer, and it starts all over again.