Thursday, June 15, 2017

Easter weekend

Easter snuck up on us this year, especially since we went to Hawaii the week before. It's a good thing I got all ready before we left because that really helped. We dyed eggs Saturday morning. 

Chloe loved dying eggs so much she has asked me a few times since then how much longer before we get to do it again. 

Class Levi face/move!

It was fun to add our bunny to the Easter pictures. 

Here is a samping of their eggs. Tyler made the 4 elements from Avatar, and Dallin made a sick one from his cracked egg (bottom right). It's always fun to see what they come up with!

With morning church, we had to get up a little early to make sure we had time for baskets. The Easter Bunny's wonderful teenage son made all the clues again this year, and they were super clever!

I love the big tree next to our new dining room. It's so much more pleasant to look at than our neighbor's house. 

Everyone got coloring books and colored pencils in their basket. 

It's fun to have a wide angle camera lens again, especially with such a beautiful background. We love our new kitchen!

When his package of peeps were gone (it didn't take long!), Spencer went out the next day and bought a bunch on clearance. He's a huge fan of peeps!!

Chloe got this adorable crocheted bunny in her basket. She named it Pinkalicious. It's so cute!

We didn't have time for pictures in the morning, but I managed to get one right after church before everyone changed.

I got the great idea of putting a bow tie on Gus Gus, but he was not impressed. He immediately tried to claw it off every time we managed to get it on. We finally got a couple of pics before he realized he was wearing it.

Spencer and Tyler hid the eggs for the Easter egg hunt, and the little kids told them not to do it too easy. It was NOT too easy!  

They said it's way more fun to watch the kids enjoy the egg hunt than to find the eggs themselves. They're growing up!

 It took awhile, but I think they found all the eggs. They even found a couple from last year!
Then Dallin, Brennan and Levi hid eggs for Spencer and Tyler to find. They were hard too! We had my whole family over for Easter dinner and to celebrate my birthday.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Santa Margarita Hike

We went on a hike at Santa Margarita Lake the day before Easter. We were going to go there a month earlier, but it was raining too hard. We really wanted to do it while there was still lots of water in the lake from our wet winter and before it got too hot. This place gets way too hot in the summer for hiking. This was perfect hiking weather!

We've done this hike a couple times before, but it had been awhile and the little kids didn't remember it. It's hilly but not too steep and has great views of the lake throughout the hike.

It also has lots of big boulders to climb.

The lake was fuller than we remember seeing. The ranger said it's even spilling over the dam. What a beautiful sight! We are so thankful for all the rain we received this year!!

More rain means more wildflowers, too.

Lots of green grass! 

Snack break.

No swimming allowed in the lake (it's the water source for SLO), but the kids had fun skipping rocks.

This was such a beautiful place to stop and rest. It was green and lush and had pretty lighting. I took a bunch of pictures.

 You can tell the water isn't usually this high!

The sun was setting as we started headed back. I loved the shadows on the lake with the lit up trails from the birds floating along. I'm usually the one holding us up as I take pictures. I love nature. 

It was a fun hike!