Friday, October 13, 2017

Memorial Day at the Beach

We enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach on Memorial Day. It was sunny and warm and not too crowded. We love Hearst Beach. 

We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and corn on the cob. The boys made a fort out of driftwood. 

 They dug down underneath, and our whole family fit inside.

The lighting was so pretty under the pier that I took pictures of everyone. I love pylons. 

Looking at these pictures, I can't believe how much Tyler has changed in the last few months!

 Everyone else looks about the same, plus/minus a few teeth. 

Of course Spencer packed his slackline. 

 After dinner we had roasted marshmallows and peach crisp.  

What a great start to summer!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Waterfall Hike

Last May we did a fun hike in SLO we'd never done before. Spencer had done it previously with friends and cousins, and he couldn't wait to take us there. It's right off the highway at the base of the Cuesta grade.

The waterfall is at the very beginning of the hike, which is great for people who can't hike the whole thing. There is a cave behind the waterfall, and the kids enjoyed exploring the cave and getting their heads wet.

Dave enjoyed it too!

Then we started heading upstream. There was a place right above the waterfall that I loved. It was shady and cool with lots of lush green grass and ferns.

People were soaking wet from the waterfall, so luckily it was a nice warm day. You never know down there.

The hike was steep but not too bad. We warmed up quick.

When we were about 3/4 of the way to the top, we stopped to rest at a lovely shady spot.

Everyone took turns on this swing.

Those are some happy smiles! So cute!!

How many 5 year old girls do you know would hold a big black bug like this and think it's "so cute?" Mine did!

I really like this picture Spencer took of us. We look so relaxed and happy.

We enjoyed great views of San Luis Obispo from the top. 

It felt good to sit and relax a bit before heading back down.

Stand back, Levi. You're a little too close.

 More great views of the Cuesta grade.

 And we're back to the ferns and shade.

The great thing about having the waterfall at the beginning of the hike is that they got to play in it twice - once when we started and then again at the end! They had so much fun here!

 Winter and spring are probably the best times to go here. I'm guessing it dries up in the summer/fall. 

I recommend packing towels. 

We give this hike 5 stars!