Friday, November 3, 2017

High Adventure Scout Trip

Can you spot the adult leader in this group of fine young men? Dave fits right it! He took all these boys on their high adventure trip last summer. 

They stopped at a Japanese internment camp on their way there. 

They combined with the other Paso ward (which had more leaders than young men) for camping, bouldering, fishing and whitewater rafting. I wish I had more pictures, but our hard drive crashed last summer, and I lost a lot of pics. I posted a few to FB, so that's why I still have them. 

They especially loved the bouldering! 

 Dave and his boys!

I don't have any pictures, but they also went to see a bunch of Native American pictographs. They said it was awesome! I got these next few pictures from the leaders of the other ward:

The other ward loves their dutch oven cooking!  Dave did all the cooking for our ward. He did mostly simple stuff - spaghetti, soup, etc.

They camped at 2 different campgrounds. 

My boys love to hear Larry tell stories. They all start with, "I like this..." 

The other ward really likes fishing, so they all did a little bit of that. But mostly our boys like higher adventure type stuff, so they split up and did that with Dave. 

The highlight of the trip was whitewater rafting. They loved it! Luckily it was a really wet winter last year, so there were some great rapids. The guides kept saying how important it was to stay in the raft, but then when it was time to earn their merit badge, they had to get out of the boat, free swim for a bit and then get back in. Not everyone chose to get the merit badge, but Spencer and Tyler did it, so Dave tried it too. He lost his GoPro, but at least they didn't lose any boys! 

Friday, October 27, 2017

The last month of school, 2017

It's amazing how many activities get crammed into the end of the school year! Especially when you have kids at 4 different schools! It makes life extra busy and hectic, but it's fun too! The band played at several events, including the high school open house.

Tyler made pineapple salsa for the Spanish class salsa competition. So naturally, he wore his Mexican wig and drew on a mustache. Spencer walked around to all his classes with us. 

It was good salsa!

Brennan went there straight from Cub Scouts, and he was hungry! He enjoyed eating ALL the salsas!

Chloe just goes to pet the animals in the ag department. 

Brennan participated in his first Battle of the Books. He only read half the books, and his team didn't win, but he had a lot of fun, and it inspired him to read more BOB books this year!

Dallin enjoyed having band with his cousin Peter last year.

Dave was out of town for his sister's wedding, but the rest of us went to the band concert. 

Spencer played bassoon in concert band last year. 

This was the last concert with their previous band teacher, Mr. Galvan, who has since moved to the middle schools. Their new band teacher does not require them to wear tuxes for the their concerts. 

Chloe and I went to a few field trips. Brennan's class went to the beach. 

Levi's class also went to the beach. They went to the aquarium, played at the park, and flew kites and played in the sand. Chloe loved it!

Dallin finished another perfect year (straight A's!) and of course got into all his projects. 

He got several awards, and it's so funny to see the difference between the 1st grade and middle school awards assemblies!

Chloe's last day of preschool!

Her graduation marked the end of an era. We've been taking our kids to this preschool since 2004! Brennan and Levi went for the cookies (which they've always served after the graduation), but they didn't have cookies this year! They were pretty disappointed, so we made cookies when we got home. 

Last day of school for Levi and Brennan!

They both really liked their teachers! Brennan's teacher, Ms. Rodriguez, was the GATE teacher, and she did a great job working with Brennan's ADHD, helping him with his specific needs, and appreciating his creativity and sense of humor. We were originally worried about Levi being in a kinder/1st combo, but Mrs. Goldbach did such a great job, and it was a such a good group of kids, that it worked out just fine. We were thrilled when Chloe got her as a teacher this year!

Spencer and Tyler came home from their last day of school with a car full of instruments to practice over the summer. 

Their previous band teacher told them they'd have to march with the melaphone (Tyler had never played brass before, and Spencer wanted to play baritone sax), so they took them home to practice over the summer. Luckily their new band teacher let them play whatever they wanted!

Then they went around and collected all the instruments in our house (except the piano and ukulele), and this is what they came up with!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Memorial Day at the Beach

We enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach on Memorial Day. It was sunny and warm and not too crowded. We love Hearst Beach. 

We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and corn on the cob. The boys made a fort out of driftwood. 

 They dug down underneath, and our whole family fit inside.

The lighting was so pretty under the pier that I took pictures of everyone. I love pylons. 

Looking at these pictures, I can't believe how much Tyler has changed in the last few months!

 Everyone else looks about the same, plus/minus a few teeth. 

Of course Spencer packed his slackline. 

 After dinner we had roasted marshmallows and peach crisp.  

What a great start to summer!