Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sunday afternoon photo shoot

I recently had Chloe's pictures taken by a photographer friend of mine. The pictures themselves were nice - pretty setting, pretty dress, etc., but Chloe didn't have a natural smile in any of them.  She looked like she was trying hard to smile, but she was a little too nervous about the whole thing. It might have been partially my fault - I wasn't there. Kristen took her with Kate to get their pictures taken while Dave and I were at the temple. I took these pictures one Sunday after church, when Chloe was especially happy and cute. Her hair is messy and it's just in our overgrown backyard grass, but she definitely looks herself. I love how they turned out.

Love that smile! 

This one is blurry, but I like it anyway. She loves smelling flowers. 

Another cute pose on the swing set. 

The grass and roses are all dead now, so I'm glad I took these when I did.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthday girl!!

Chloe turned 3 in February! I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she said, "Cake!" I asked her what kind, and she said "pink and Blue's Clues." She was really into Blue's Clues at the time, although not so much any more. Her interests change daily. Sometimes hourly. But she still really likes pink!

On her actual birthday, I made a strawberry cake with marshmallow frosting and pink sprinkles.

It really is the best frosting!

It's fun to buy girl toys for a change - it opens up the other half of the toy store! 

She especially liked her Minnie Mouse toy with snap-on clothes.

She also got a huge Minnie Mouse from a friend of ours. 

This is what happens to Minnie when you have big brothers!

We had family over for lunch and cake the following Saturday. 

She loved her Blues Clues cake!

Present time!

Then she got more presents in the mail from Dave's mom! 

She calls all princesses "Elsa."

Now time for her 3 year old update. Chloe is such a little girl! She loves to shop - she asks to go to the store every day, and she wants to touch all the clothes and try things on. She told me I had to buy these sunglasses because they are "so cute!" I have to admit, it is really fun to have a shopping buddy.

Levi is her very best friend. Whenever Dave asks her what she did that day or what she plans on doing, she answers, "Play with Levi." She's always so excited to pick him up from school, and then she gives him a big hug and holds his hand all the way back to the car. She usually wants to go to the "dragon park" with him after school. 

She loves clothes and insists on choosing her own outfits. She especially likes layers, pink and red, lots of patterns, polka dots, bows, skirts and accessories. See what I mean about being girly? They don't always match, but I try not to care. Once I bought her a really cute aquamarine colored dress (i.e. not pink), and the only way I could convince her to wear it was paired with pink heart tights and pink shoes with bows. The only two ways she'll wear her hair are down and two braids. She used to let me try different things, but not anymore.

She wears her Elsa dress every day (it's getting pretty tattered!). She also likes to do everything the boys do - wrestle, dig for worms, fight bad guys, etc. I think she is the perfect combination of feminine and tough! 

She always wants to help in the kitchen. She shucked corn with the boys the other day.

But then she got out a broom and swept up the mess! She does that kind of thing - sees trash on the floor and throws it away, or sees dirty dishes on the counter and puts them in the sink.  

She certainly has her moments (strong-willed, feisty, cranky, temperamental, etc,) but she is so cute and sweet the rest of the time that we just love her to pieces! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Wildflower hike

Way back in February (I know, I'm behind!), we went hiking in Montana de Oro. I think it was President's Day. We started out doing a steep hike near Valencia Peak, but the path we wanted to take was closed, and the alternate route was way too long. So we looked over our map and decided to do a different one nearby. It was easy (not nearly as steep) and beautiful with lots of wildflowers!

I had fun taking pictures of the flowers. There were so many different kinds!

The three oldest boys took turns carrying Chloe.

We followed a creek most of the time and ended up at a very small waterfall. It wasn't even picture-worthy, but at least there was water! 

I don't know why they're all wearing these hats. They're just funny like that.

And they crack each other up.

It was really green and beautiful!

I kept lagging behind to take pictures.

Chloe wanted to get out and walk the last little bit.  Spencer found a few geocaches, so he was happy.

Silly Tyler!

 We ended up a a campground. These signs cracked us up!