Sunday, July 2, 2017

My birthday

I turned 41 in April. For breakfast I made malasadas (which are like little fried donut holes - Ellen and Jason introduced us to them in Hawaii), and then I wanted to go somewhere but didn't know where. It was spring break, so the kids were home. I've always wanted to drive out to see the famous wildflowers near our town, so we ended up doing that. I think we were pretty much at the tail end of the flower season, but we did manage to find some.

 I love this picture of my cute kids!

Spencer and Brennan really wanted to hike up to the top of those hills, which seemed close to them. They ended up running most the way, but it still took them longer than they expected.

The rest of us stayed and watched all the cows, who were all watching us. Cows are funny.

It was a fun little outing. We'll have to go there a little earlier in the year next time!