Monday, July 13, 2015

First day of summer!

The last day of school was a half day, and it was hot! We needed to get wet, so we decided to set up the slip-n-slide in the backyard. I had all kinds of hose and faucet issues, and I got so frustrated and hot that I left to sign us up for a membership at a local pool and tennis club (something I had been thinking about doing for awhile). While I was gone, the kids borrowed a hose from their cousins and found a working faucet. 

 It's fun to take slip-n-slide pics, but you gotta protect your camera from the huge splash at the end!

This is such fun, cheap entertainment!

Chloe wasn't too interested in the slip-n-slide, but she loved the patio puddles.

When the ground was nice and swampy, we moved the slip-n-slide to a different section of the yard. Hey, that's one way to water our poor dry grass!

 I love slip-n-slide pictures! The water droplets and squinty eyes are the best!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Family tennis

We went as a family to play tennis at the park one Saturday last month. Spencer was trying out some loaner rackets from Tennis Warehouse in SLO to see which one he wanted to buy. He had borrowed one of his coach's rackets during the tennis season, and it was time for him to get his own.

Levi was more interested in roller blading around the park.

Spencer prefers to play singles, so he went on one side and played against the other 3 boys. 

After a little while, these two got antsy and needed to go on a little walk around the park. 

You would think that tennis and racquetball would be very similar, but apparently there are some major differences. For example, Dave can't slide to get to the ball. He tried that once and came home with some mean abrasions.  

The outing was successful - Spencer chose his favorite racket, and we were ready to bite and bullet and buy it. It was $175, and we told him we'd pay half. But when Dave went to buy it, he learned that it was on clearance for $54! Woohoo!! Perhaps we should have bought two.

 The younger boys had fun making a silly tennis video. 

 Watching a replay - they crack themselves up.

Such concentration!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Boogie boarding with dolphins

We decided to go to the beach on Memorial Day. We figured that was low key enough for Dave, who was still a bit sore from his dental procedure. It was a good thing he had a 3-day weekend to recover!

We went to a beach between Morro Bay and Cayucos - we'd been there before, but it had been awhile. It has bathrooms and good waves for boogie boarding. It was practically empty, which is pretty cool for Memorial Day.

They wore the GoPro again and got some great footage.

This was Brennan's first time boogie boarding with the GoPro - he was thrilled.

Great shot riding the wave!

He had fun narrating and making faces the whole time - it was quite entertaining to watch!

Tyler played in the sand with the little kids before heading out. 

Here comes a big one!

Tyler filmed the most - I didn't even watch it all because I got so many great still shots from the first couple of minutes. Love this one!!

It was a beautiful day at the beach!

As the title promised, we saw a pod of dolphins out in the water, just beyond the boys. It is always so exciting to see them, playing and jumping out of the water. It never gets old! You can barely see them below the text. One of these days I'll have to get a telephoto lens.