Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

This is my last Easter blog - one month late, but who's counting? Five out of six kids smiling - not bad. Aren't the boys adorable in their matching bow ties? They were $1 at Target. 

As usual, we had our Easter egg hunt after church. This year we had two. First the big boys hid eggs for Brennan and Levi, and then Dave and I hid eggs for the big boys. This worked out really well, and the older boys had tons of fun hiding and helping the little guys. 

I told them to change out of church clothes before the hunt to keep them clean, but they loved their bow ties so much they didn't want to change. I'm glad, because they look so cute in these pictures. 

Brennan loved having all his eggs on the swing set this year.

Dallin gave him hints to find them - very sweet.

 Two cute boys!

 Of course the second hunt was a lot more challenging. I think they found most of them.


Chloe just had fun putting eggs in and out of her little tin. Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Egg Drop

Spencer had the fun idea of hosting an egg drop event for Easter. He invited cousins, friends and a neighbor. I told him they could do it as long as I had zero involvement. All I did was clean my room, since they launched the eggs from my bedroom window. It was really exciting to see the boys plan and plan for days how they'd insulate their eggs.

We had everyone come over Saturday morning, right after they devoured their basket candy.

I loved the variety of ideas, from parachutes to pillows. They could do whatever they wanted.

We opened the screen and dropped them onto the driveway with a cheering audience down below.

Some did so well they dropped them a couple times.

Dave helped Levi, and it was probably my favorite. They made a parachute, and it worked perfectly.
It floated down gracefully and slowly - a beautiful site.
Some eggs cracked, but it was still fun for them to design, make and launch them. We just might have to make this an annual event!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Candy for breakfast - you gotta love Easter!

We were a little unorthodox this year. We wrote to the Easter Bunny and asked him to come a day early. You see, we have one Sunday a month in which everyone eight and older fasts (i.e. doesn't eat two consecutive meals) and gives the money we would have spent on food to the poor and needy. It just happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year, so we decided to enjoy our Easter candy a day early. It was also nice to have more time to relax and not have to hurry and get dressed for morning church.

This was Brennan's first year to help read the clues to find the baskets.

 I really liked doing our baskets on Saturday. It helped to spread out the fun and candy a little bit.

Chloe only got a couple pieces of candy, but it took her forever to eat them.
 Her first Peep!

The Easter Bunny found that all the chocolate bunnies were smaller and more expensive this year. So the boys got Symphony bars instead. See what I mean about being unorthodox? Everyone liked them way better anyway.

Spencer got a book about how to read and write Kanji. He learned a little bit about it in history this year, and he loves it. He also got a brush pen so he could make thick/thin lines. 

Thank goodness for boiled eggs - at least we got a little bit of protein in them.

Chloe decided she likes having candy for breakfast!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs a couple days before Easter. We were going to do it right after school, but they all wanted to wait until Dave came home from work so he could be there too. They're so thoughtful.

They each got to do 5 eggs, and they took it very seriously.
 Well, not too seriously. There were some silly-faced eggs!

 Cool sunrise, Dallin!

Their fingers were as colorful as their eggs.
 Levi kept asking when we were going to "kill" the eggs. Dye/die - it's very confusing.

Brennan still talks about the time we dyed eggs with his cousin Anna. Wasn't that, like, three years ago? It's amazing was kids remember.
Of course they wanted to do more than their allotted 5, but we had to work hard to eat them up in a reasonable amount of time. I deviled (is that a word?) the last few to speed things up.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Derby Time

Tyler had his third and final Pinewood Derby a few weeks ago. Is this an awesome car or what?! He named it Four-Eyed Monster, and two of our neighbors helped him drill the holes. One even showed up at the race.

What started out as a mistake may have actually helped him win. He messed up a little bit cutting it out, so they turned it upside down and drilled new wheel holes. It was a fast car!
This was Dallin's first Pinewood Derby. He was so excited!

Dallin's totally awesome car! He named it Liquid Gold.

I love the big hole in the middle.
My boys all love going to these.  
You may have been to a Pinewood Derby before, but you've never been to one like this. Our cub master does an incredible job, with fog and lights and music. Wow! What a show.
Each car had 16 races - 4 times in each position. There was an intricate computer program showing the exact times of each car after each race. Tyler got the track record for all four track lanes!
Dallin's car did well too - it won some, it lost some. Mostly it was just a lot of fun. I told Dave: 7 down, 8 more cars to go.