Friday, August 4, 2017

Cub Scouts: Pinewood Derby, Day Camp

This year was Brennan's last Pinewood Derby race. He went with a slab of bacon for his design. 

He won more races than he lost (that's always good) and got 2nd place for the Webelos. It was the same night as Dallin's Open House, so I missed the first half. 

We've been working really hard on passing things off, and he got a ton of awards at the last pack meeting before summer. 

The first week of summer was Cub Scout Day Camp in the field behind our church. I think they had about 120 boys.

Tyler was Brennan's den chief. He had a nice small group, and they were all great kids. The only issue he had was half the boys in his group had food allergies. Brennan fit right in. 

This was Levi's first year at camp, and he loved it! In fact he thought 1 week was just way too short. He came home happy and excited every day!

 I was glad they were able to go together one year. 

I volunteered one day, and it was so fun! I taught the science class about butterflies. I taught a little lesson, they made and ate an edible life cycle, and then we played a game. It was a hot week, and the camp leaders wisely decided to move 3 of the stations inside our church. 

They made walking sticks, airplanes, toothbrush robots, pizza, and mechanical hands. Plus of course the shooting range is always a hit. We love day camp! 

Dave and I left Thursday to go to my nephew's wedding in Utah, so the rest of these pictures were taken by my friend Marilyn. Thank you Marilyn! On Friday evening, the families joined them for the BBQ, skits and awards. I just loved the camp leaders this year! They were so upbeat, friendly, and super nice. They'll be doing it next year, too. Yay!

 It was a great start to the summer!

Thanks for watching out for my family, Keeps!

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