Friday, May 19, 2017

Snow day

We drove up to Shaver Lake right after New Years to play in the snow. We did another day trip instead of renting a cabin to save money and because we didn't reserve anything early enough. It's hard to know ahead of time when they'll have snow. so we just gotta go when we know it's good. 

We spent the day at a snow play area, which worked out well. The downside was that it was crowded, but it was a big hill with enough space to spread out. 

I know I'm speaking the obvious here, but it was cold! Some years when we go there, we're all shedding coats and gloves. Not this time! It was windy and cold. Chloe loved sledding, but she got cold and spent a lot of time in the car. Luckily we scored a great parking spot and were able to be close to everyone.

 The boys didn't mind the cold. They played for hours and hours. 

 We didn't have any injuries this time, so that was a plus.

It wasn't the best snowman-making snow this year. Too powdery. So they found frozen chunks and stacked them on top of each other.

It was just tricky sticking the arms into the ice.

We packed back-up gloves, which came in handy ;) Brennan accidentally got his 1st pair wet in a little stream.

 There were big jumps and broken sleds all over. I went down once, but it was way too fast for me! 

The crowds left pretty early, but we were prepared to stay until dark. We packed the camping stove and made hot chocolate and soup. It was all so good!

It's a great soup recipe because all you do is dump cans and spices into a big pot and heat it up.

Plus the kids all love it!

It was a fun day in the snow!

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