Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Christmas, it's finally here!

Finally, the Christmas blog you've all been waiting for! Well, at least my kids have been. They keep bugging me to do it, but my Photoshop program stopped working and our kitchen remodel has been consuming all my time. So I put it on my to do list and edited the pictures on Lightroom (which I don't use nearly as much). I had a really hard time getting ready for Christmas this year, since I was so distracted dealing with insurance adjusters and choosing cabinets and submitting food receipts. But I just had to put everything on hold and focus all my attention on Christmas. It all worked out.

Our kitchen appliances were delivered the day before Christmas. The little kids turned one of the big boxes into a waiting room for Christmas morning. That kept them nice and busy all day Christmas Eve, decorating it and filling it with a lamp, blankets and toys.  

 You're never too old to be excited about Christmas morning!

New big wheels for Levi and a 3D pen for Tyler.

Dallin is notorious for not giving Santa any ideas or waiting until the last minute before submitting a short list. He was thrilled with his new camera! Good job, Santa.

Spencer loves his acoustic/electric bass guitar. 

 Elsa/Anna dolls and bunk beds for Chloe.

The kids picked names to give each other gifts, as usual. Tyler had Levi, and he made him a spy kit. Levi wants to be a secret agent when he grows up. Tyler spent hours gathering spy things and cutting styrofoam for them to fit in.

It was Levi's favorite gift!

Spencer had Chloe, and he bought her a bunny! Don't worry, he had our permission. His name is Gus Gus, and he's a New Zealand Steel. He's mostly black with silver on his feet and tummy.

 There's no question, this was Chloe's favorite present!

 Brennan loves his propeller beanie!

These are the best cap guns ever! They're heavy and intricate and made in Spain. I found them on Ebay. I was going to get some on Amazon, but they aren't allowed to sell them in California. Seriously?!

You know it's going to be a great gift when it comes in a Crate & Barrel box! 

Cute pitcher! 

 It was a great Christmas!